Spice Thai


500% ROI for 6 Locations

What They Needed

Spice is a multi-location chain of authentic Thai restaurants operating across New York City. They wanted to have more control over their brand’s image and customers’ experience online.

What We Did

Munch Ado gave Spice a way to understand the performance of each of their locations as well as the brand overall when it came to orders, reservations, social media, and marketing.

How We Did It

We managed every part of Spice’s digital presence from website to social media, creating a better understanding of who their customers are and what they want. By controlling the funnel from beginning to end, we were able to establish detailed customer profiles Spice used to expand their cocktail offering and expand their positioning to incorporate after-work and weekend drinks.


“It’s nice having Munch Ado attend to our customers online, because that’s where customers are"


-Igor, Manager Spice


Munch Ado put together a video for Spice that leveraged its Thai roots and connected it to the city it calls home through the food it makes, the drinks it serves, and the atmosphere it offers. The photography team made sure to take pictures of every single menu item on its own and as full-table settings.


Spice’s new website represents their brand’s core beliefs and showcases their authentic and modern takes on Thai cuisine. Their customers can place orders and make reservations at any of their locations and view a constantly updated menu complete with photography for nearly every dish.


Working with Spice, Facebook and Instagram became a focus for their online growth. By managing accounts for each of their six locations and posting localized content regularly, we helped them engage customers through comments, messages, and customer service on Yelp and TripAdvisor.


To engage new and existing customers in Spice’s new online ecosystem, we created and implemented a smart marketing program that reacts to and shapes customer behavior while telling the story of Spice over time.


Over 13,000 Site Visitors Per Month

Completely Centralized Data

Over 2X New Visitors in 2 Months


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