1 Year, 350% Growth

What They Needed

Azalea is a popular Italian dining destination on 51st street in New York City featuring a well-appointed dining room, and outdoor seating during the spring and summer. The pre and post theater dining game in NYC is very competitive and Azalea wanted an extra edge to fill and turn tables.

What We Did

Munch Ado took the vibe of Azalea that they’ve cultivated among seasoned theater goers and made customers all over NYC ask themselves “What am I missing out on?” Once the seed was planted, we compelled them to find out by making a reservation.

How We Did It

There are two things New Yorkers love: a hot new experience, and a long-running track record of reliable excellence. Munch Ado positioned Azalea as the best of both worlds and a signature NYC experience that could not be missed to give Azalea that extra edge they were looking for.



We brought a menu full of show-stopping flavor to life through professional videography and artistic photography that nobody could resist. We did the same for the beautiful dining room, bar, wine collection, and seasonal outdoor seating, capturing an experience that simply could not be missed.



A night-out-on-the-town was the inspiration for the website. An experience unlike any other and one that everyone couldn’t stop talking about. With a video featuring one of the partners at the restaurant talking about what makes the cuisine and atmosphere at Azalea so special. We told the story behind the restaurant as the appetizer, setting up the menu gallery, full of eye-popping dishes, as the main course.



Our social media team worked closely with the team at Azalea to create the voice for social media, incorporating an air of modern sophistication and New Yorker know-how. The response has been fantastic across Facebook and Instagram. Munch Ado also took on managing the Yelp and TripAdvisor pages for Azalea, making first-time and long-time customers comfortable with their dining decisions.

Marketing-2 2.png


The dishes at Azalea aren’t just food, they’re art. The marketing Munch Ado created for Azalea brought the masterpieces on the menu to social newsfeeds, inboxes, and the middle of customers’ daily internet browsing everywhere—announcing Azalea as the new hit on Broadway.

Cutting Through the Clutter of the Tourist Capital of the World


A 350% Audience Growth Year-Over-Year

525% Return on Investment

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