Global Resources, Local Connections


Our mission is to bring big-business technology, creativity, and expertise from around the world to restaurants of all sizes. With a focus on brand reputation, website development, social media management, and marketing implementation, we take care of all the digital needs of restaurants to deliver more orders, more reservations, more followers and deeper connections with the customers that matter most – theirs.

Our Values


Fixed Price

We don’t believe in penalizing restaurants for outstanding performance. We’re committed to no commissions, ever.



Munch Ado isn’t another service or vendor, we’re a partner. We work with you to reach new goals.



You’ve built your brand and launched your restaurant. We’re here to communicate your vision and make your restaurant stand out.



Our platform moves with you from device to device and connects with your customers wherever they go. 



Munch Ado wants to be a partner, not an interruption. That’s why we automatically connect data from all parts of your business.

How We Got Here

Born for a Digital World

Munch Ado began as HungryBuzz, an advanced discovery platform that made it easier for customers to find the restaurants they love. We are very proud of our first foray into helping restaurants make a name for themselves in the digital world, but we quickly realized we shouldn’t only prepare them for the here and now; we should be preparing them for the future.

Prioritizing Passion

The single most important thing restaurants and customers have in common is a passion for food. We place this passion at the heart of our approach to powering restaurants up online. From brand reputation and website development to social media management and marketing implementation we’ve fused together every digital touchpoint between customers and restaurants into one package. Centralized success for restaurants and an immersive experience for customers—that’s #RestaurantPower.

New Goals

We’re not standing still. We’re already planning new features and solutions to address the needs of the restaurant industry as a whole, restaurant owners individually, and customers everywhere.

Plug Into


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